Practice Areas



Tax Litigation

Our firm has a solid practice of tax litigation regarding any controversy that arises with authorities, including audits on internal and foreign trade taxes, administrative acts, sanctioning procedures, resolutions that deny the refund of taxes and laws that violate individual guarantees of taxpayers.

International Taxes

We have vast experience advising clients on international transactions, always seeking to offer structures that allow them to be more efficient. Our attorneys have experience advising the maquiladora industry, which generally involves transnational operations. Having accounting experience allows us to provide better advice to our clients, always taking into account the financial aspect and acting within the framework of the International Financial Information Standards.


Our attorneys have experience advising on reorganizations, mergers, spin-offs, purchase and sale of businesses and other transfers that involve tax matters.

Social Security

Our services include counseling and litigation on social security matters. We advise companies in the fulfillment of their employer-employee obligations, determination of benefits that have less fiscal impact, elaboration of social security plans and in audits that have been initiated against them.

Maquiladora Tax

Our services extend to the recovery of balances in favor by requesting a refund or compensation that is requested from the tax authorities. Determination of Value Added Tax and Income Tax and application of incentives. Our experience in this sector has allowed us to effectively advise our clients to maintain their maquila status by complying with various government regulations.